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New MEMS Piezoresistive Low Pressure Sensing Die

All Sensors has announced the introduction of a NEW MEMS Piezoresistive Low Pressure Sensing Die.

This introduction marks the fifth major silicon pressure sensor die topology to be introduced in the last 50 years! The new die utilizes an open bridge configuration, measuring 2mm x 2mm square. Industry best sensitivity specifications are made possible by break though process technology in combination with innovative MEMS topology. The new die design features maximum pressure response while maintaining low package stress susceptibility. By utilizing a boss-less structure the position sensitivity is minimized (typically 0.1% inH2O/g).

Samples and pricing are currently available for high volume applications. Please contact All Sensors directly. Please see attached press release , product datasheet and product image for more information. If you need a larger image, please contact me directly.

For more information, please contact :-

All Sensors Corporation
16035 Vineyard Blvd. Morgan Hill, CA 95037 USA

May 2010

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