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Chopper-stabilised Hall-effect Proximity Sensor Module
The new ATS635LSB from Allegro MicroSystems is a Hall-effect based proximity sensor module that is ideally suited to automotive applications such as seat-position sensing. The new device is based on an optimised combination of a Hall-effect integrated circuit and magnet, and provides true 'power on' tooth/valley recognition in gear-tooth sensing applications and proximity detection in other applications. Each sensor subassembly consists of a high-temperature plastic shell that holds together a compound samarium-cobalt magnet and a single-element, chopper-stabilised Hall effect IC that has been programmed to match the magnetic circuit, thereby optimising sensor performance. The chopper-stabilised Hall-effect circuitry provides superior high-temperature performance and helps to eliminate inherent and environmental chip offsets. It results in an extremely stable quiescent Hall output voltage, provides immunity from mechanical stress, and offers precise recoverability after temperature cycling. The ATS635LSB also provides on-chip transient protection. A zener clamp on the supply protects against overvoltage conditions on the supply line. The device includes short-circuit protection on the output and reverse battery protection. The sensor provides a 'high' output in the presence of a ferrous object or gear tooth and a 'low' output in its absence. The device features an on-board voltage regulator, and is designed for operation from 4.25 to 26.5 V DC. __________________________________________________ Allegro MicroSystems Europe

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October 2000

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