Allegro MicroSystems Europe - PRODUCT NEWS
 True zero-speed, Hall-effect
 adaptive gear-tooth sensor. 
The new ATS660LSB from Allegro MicroSystems is a digital differential gear-tooth sensor module designed to provide high levels of repeatability and timing accuracy in the most demanding automotive transmission applications. The ATS660LSB incorporates self-calibration circuitry, patented under US Patent 5,917,320, that nulls out the effects of installation air gap, ambient temperature, and magnet offsets to provide superior timing accuracy over large operating air gaps for target pitches varying from below 0.5 to over 1.2 teeth per diametric millimetre. This self-calibration under power-up conditions keeps the performance optimised over the life of the sensor. The integrated circuit within the sensor module incorporates a dual-element Hall-effect sensor and signal-processing circuitry that switches in response to differential magnetic signals created by the ferrous gear teeth. An open-collector output allows direct digital interfacing with no further signal processing required. The circuitry contains a sophisticated digital circuit which eliminates the effects of magnet and system offsets, allowing true zero-speed operation. Analogue/digital and digital/analogue convertors are used to adjust the device gain at power on and to allow air-gap independent switching, which greatly reduces vibration sensitivity of the device. This device is supplied in a package measuring 9 mm in diameter × 7 mm in length. __________________________________________________ Allegro MicroSystems Europe For more details of this product... email our HelpDesk quoting Ref. shown below Ref: Allegro006 February 2001
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