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Differential Hall-effect gear-tooth sensor module. Differential Hall-effect gear-tooth sensor module for two-wire applications Allegro MicroSystems has introduced a new true zero-speed, self-calibrating, differential Hall-effect gear-tooth sensor module for two-wire applications such as automotive antilock braking systems (ABS). The new ATS640JSB sensor subassembly is a peak detecting device that uses internal gain control to provide extremely stable duty cycles down to zero speed. Each sensor subassembly consists of a high-temperature plastic shell that holds together a samarium-cobalt magnet, a pole piece, and a true zero-speed BiCMOS differential Hall-effect gear-tooth sensor IC that has been optimised to the magnetic circuit. This small package can be easily assembled and used in conjunction with a wide variety of gear shapes and sizes. The sensor incorporates a dual-element Hall IC that switches in response to differential magnetic signals created by a ferrous target. The sophisticated self-calibrating digital-processing circuitry normalises the internal gain of the device to minimise the effect of air-gap variations and to reduce vibration sensitivity. The compensation circuitry eliminates magnet and system offsets such as those caused by tilt, yet provides zero-speed detection capabilities without the associated running jitter inherent in classical digital solutions. This new device is ideal for use in gathering speed, position, and timing information using gear-tooth-based configurations. The ATS640JSB is particularly suited to those applications that require extremely accurate duty-cycle control or accurate edge detection. The low vibration sensitivity also makes this device extremely useful for transmission speed sensing. _____________________________________________ More information from: Allegro MicroSystems Europe

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May 2001

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