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Chip Style package for ELIS linescan sensor brings packaging to a minimum.

The ELIS sensor is an Enhanced Linescan Image Sensor and is now available from Alrad Imaging in both Die form and Ultra Small Chip Scale Package.

The ELIS is a sensor that combines very high speed full frame shutter, Non-Destructive readout, Adaptive Exposure, high dynamic range, high sensitivity, and anti-blooming. This sensor is an excellent choice for your imaging needs, whether modifying an existing product, or for a new product.

It has many of the same high performance features as the company’s LIS product but adds a true full frame electronic snap shot mode as well as selectable resolution output which allows the user to select binned resolutions of 128, 256, 512, or 1024 pixel The line rate is proportional to the resolution selected.

July 2007

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