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VDS Vosskuhler expand its IRC 300 Series camera range.

VDS Vosskuhler has extended their infra red camera range. Following on quickly after the introduction of the IRC-300 comes the IRC-320. The IRC-300 series cameras are designed for applications in the automation, quality and process control as well as for scientific research and development.

The IRC-320 camera features an uncooled microbolometer detector (8 - 14 µm (LWIR)) and is able to resolve temperature distinctions smaller than 80 mK in an range from -20 to +80 °C @ F/1.0., compared to +20 to +200 °C range for IRC-300.

At a frame rate of 40 Hz the camera delivers excellent, noise-free and high-resolution images with 320 x 240 pixels. The camera has built in shutter and image pre-processing module. Now three different versions of the IRC300/320 are available, with choice of interfaces.

October 2007

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