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Alrad now offer machine vision lenses from Senko ADL.

Alrad Imaging the machine vision component specialist now offers the Senko ADL range of machine vision lenses. This brings Alrad Imaging lens suppliers up to a total of 9, so the company can offer a fully comprehensive range of lenses for all applications.

Senko ADL machine vision lenses are available in ½, ¾ and 1 inch formats. Focal lengths range from 6mm to 50mm and iris range from 0.95 to 16. All the lenses are manual control with C mount fixture. Many of the lenses have locking screws so once set the focus and iris settings can be secured.

With over 20 years experience in lens design and manufacturing, SENKO ADL is a global supplier of high quality CCTV lenses. There machine vision lenses are used in a wide range of factory automation and machine vision applications because of their high resolution and high contrast features as well as minimal distortion. The compact size and low weight of the lenses acts as bonus in the most demanding applications.

September 2008

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