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New line of CMOS image sensors now available.

Alrad are pleased to announce it now offers the CMOS Sensor, Inc. range of state-of-the-art CMOS image sensors.

Founded in 1997, CMOS Sensor Inc has a history of developing Contact Image Sensor modules utilizing in-house fabrication facilities. These modules are used in machine vision, barcode readers, fax machines, copiers, video cameras and document scanners.
Industrial automation and quality control will become extremely easy with our new line of Industrial Line Scan Cameras. CMOS Sensor Inc i-cis product line finds application in inspection of solar panels, paper, textiles, LCD panels, etc.

Their recent introduction of Space Qualified Sensors has propelled the company into the world of space, aviation and military applications. With sensors currently orbiting the earth and moon, they have witnessed their technology to be successful and qualified by the most demanding customers.

February 2009

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