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Dexter Motion Presence Sensor.

ALRAD ELECTRONICS has announced their principal Dexter Research the Thermopile detector specialist has introduced a motion presence sensor for smart detection systems.

Designed for “smart washrooms”, “smart homes” and other “smart” applications, the Motion Sensing – Presence Sensor from Dexter Research Center is targeted for high volume, cost sensitive, drop in applications, where the system designer is interested in a fully functional subsystem, with minimum cost and integration effort. The passive infrared sensor forms the heart of this compact system (measures just 17.8mm x 25.4mm),
which requires little power to operate and meets or exceeds all industry standard measures for quality and consistency including ISO, RoHS, QS, CE, UL, among others.

Internal thresholds can be utilized for flexible operation, including variable samples, triggers, distances, time delays, and alarm outputs. The three output lines provide PWM, trigger, an analogue detector output allowing ease of system integration. The Motion Sensing – Presence Sensor features wide power supply tolerances, is designed for two (2) AAA battery operation, and can operate below 2.0Vdd. Optimized for extended battery life, the module consumes approximately 8pA when in sleep mode, thus providing long interval service cycles.

September 2009

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