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Two new dual resolution CIS image sensors.

Contact Image Sensors or CIS modules are used in a variety of imaging applications. The more common applications are fax machines, copiers and document readers. The CIS module is the light bar you see moving across the paper inside the copier. It serves to both illuminate and image the document as it scans past.

However, CIS modules are now being used in many applications including bar code readers, position sensors and vending machines to name just a few.

In all of these applications, image resolution is a fundamental parameter. Design your product with too little resolution and you won't obtain a clear image. Too much resolution and you're swamped with unnecessary data and the computing power that goes along with it. Wouldn't it be nice if you could select your resolution on the fly! Well, now you can!

CMOS Sensor has produced two image sensors with selectable resolution for use in CIS modules. The C116 is selectable between 300 and 600 dpi while the C118 is selectable between 200 and 400 dpi. Now you can double your system resolution at the flip of a switch.

Need to scan images at 600 dpi but only want 300 dpi for text? How about designing a system for 200 dpi today while being capable of 400 dpi tomorrow? Just think of how this can cut your design and development costs.

These two CIS module families are finding application in the world of counterfeit detection. Check readers and currency readers are becoming more sophisticated as more anti-counterfeiting measures are employed in the production of both world currencies and checks. Equipped with UV, Infrared and visible illumination, these modules are capable of scanning multiple spectra at high speed.

So, the next time you need the freedom to scan using variable resolution at multiple wavelengths, consider CMOS Sensor CIS modules.

March 2010

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