Securing Offshore Boom Crane Workflow

Boom cranes are often used on off shore oil platforms to load and unload cargo from ships. The boom crane will rotate the position of the hook to be in line with the cargo on the ship. If the procedure of loading and unloading cargo is not performed carefully the boom crane can get out of control and hit the structure of the oil platform, creating potentially critical damages to the structure.

How to Avoid Accidents From a Crane in Unsafe Position To prevent a collision between crane and structure of the platform, a Gemco 1980 Cambox is installed on the motor that drives the boom. When the end limits are set up using the cams in the 1980 Cambox, the crane movement will be limited. Should the boom crane operator try to rotate the boom into an unsafe zone, power will be removed from the drive mechanism, thus preventing a collision between the boom and the structure of the oil platform.

A simple rotating cam limit switch can save hundreds of thousands of dollars and prevent hours of downtime due to overtravel.
* Nema 1, 12, 4, 4X, 7, and 9 Enclosures
* Up to 40 circuits
* Gear Reducers and Multipliers Right Angle or Straight Drive
* Stainless Steel and Epoxy Paint Enclosures
* Enclosure Heaters for Extreme Outdoor Applications
* Custom Features for the most Demanding Environments

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