Test Machines Optimize Quality Control in Tissue Testing

To optimize quality control Essity, one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of professional hygiene products and consumer tissue, have implemented the LS1 testing machines from Lloyd Instruments for wet and dry tissue testing on products such as toilet paper tissue and table napkins.

As Essity is working in accordance to ISO-12625-5 "Determination of tensile strength, stretch at break and tensile energy absorption", it is essential to them that their new machines are able to deliver accurate test results compliant to this specific standard.

By equipping the LS1 test machines from Lloyd Instruments with a set of Finch grips for wet tissue paper testing and Pneumatic Vice grips for dry tissue paper testing, Essity obtain the ideal testing solution to comply with ISO-12625-5.

The front-end of the NEXYGENPlus analysis software that is used with the LS1 test machines, has been customized to fit Essity's specific needs. This way the test procedures are simplified for the operators and valuable time is saved on each test performed.

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November 2018

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