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 Amplicon LiveLine Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS

The PCI236 DIO board for PCI bus


Amplicon Liveline has recently released its new P01236,
24 channel Digital I/O (DlO) board for PCI bus, an update
to the PC36AT product.

Priced at the extremely low cost of £99, the new board is backwardly
compatible with the popular PC36AT for the ISA bus. It features an
on board facility for DlO signal conditioning and utilises the new
PCI-ISA interface chip to reduce cost. As the board is a low cost
entry level product, it is ideal for the education market.

The on board signal conditioning is one of the first of such features
on a DlO board, which the user is able to develop or for which
Amplicon can supply bespoke modules. This feature can help in
electrically noisy environments, with typical modules that could be
incorporated onto the board including high current output; resistor
capacitor filtered input; Schmitt input; opto-isolated input or
opto-isolated output.

In addition to the benefits listed above, an 82C55 CMOS programmable
peripheral interface (PPI) is used. Operations can be interrupt controlled,
with the facility for the interrupts to be generated from one external signal.

The device uses a PCI bus version 2.1 plug and play interface, and the
driver software is compatible with Windows NT, 95, 98 and 2000. HP VEE
and Visual Basic example programs are also made available.

The board is ideal for any application that requires a simple input and
output control via a PC, also for monitoring the status of alarms, external
contact relays and for providing simple on-off control.

This new board is part of the 200 series of data acquisition and serial
communications boards that Amplicon offer, bringing together a complete
system and driver development from the company, helping to ease system
integration and future upgrades. Two further devices are planned, a 72
channel DIO board and a 48 channel DIO and 6 counter timers.

The device meets CE requirements for EMC, and full pre and post sales
support is available from Amplicon.

For more information, please contact:-

September 2000