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 Amplicon LiveLine Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS

Amplicon introduces its Magic Converters for RS232 networks


Amplicon has recently introduced the new isolated 485Fi, and
Magic 485F25 converters, used for extending RS232 networks
up to 1.2 km, or for connecting RS232 devices to RS422/485 networks.

The 485F9i model brings additional connector arrangements to the proven
technology of converting RS232 to RS422/485 with built in isolation, whilst
the Magic converter adds 9 pin D connector options on the RS232 side when
connecting dumb RS232 devices, for example modems, to RS485 networks.
Based upon an already proven technology, the connectors are easy to use, and
support high speed data transfer rates of up to 1Mbaud.

The Magic 485 converter is not just simply an automatic turn around device,
as is the case with many competitive devices which only start transmitting
data when a valid start bit is detected, leading to a clash if the device is
already receiving data. The Magic 485 is, however, able to check that data
is not being received before commencing transmission. This process is
carried out in hardware and does not require any software or intelligence on
the part of the remote RS232 device.

The products are updates of the 485Fi and the Magic 485F respectively, both
of which had 25 pin D female connectors on the RS232 side. All models have a
plug in screw terminal connector on the RS422/485 side.

A proprietary Amplicon design, the first 485 converters were launched in
1987, and a wealth of experience has been gained over the intervening 13
years. The complete family available is the 485 series of RS to RS422/485
converters, offering a wide selection of converters in this range, which
affords the end user an extensive choice of formats for his application. 

The converters are ideal for applications such as process instrumentation
and control, telecommunications, electrical control equipment, electronic
instrumentation manufacture, general manufacturing, oil and gas industry,
system integration, defence manufacture and aerospace manufacture.

The products are CE marked for EMC directive. Full pre and post sales
support for the converters is offered by Amplicon, and every unit is shipped
with a comprehensive 35 page manual on CD ROM, providing multidrop setups
and troubleshooting scenarios, to help set up the converters particularly in
a first time application.

September 2000

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