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 Amplicon LiveLine Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS

Panel Meter for all needs


Amplicon Liveline offers a wide selection
of panel meters for all applications, with devices available from
the very smallest DC powered 24mm x 48mm displays through
the standard 48mm x 96mm to large 100 mm high 6 digit displays.
The panel meters are suitable for use in all process, manufacturing 
and control rooms.

Amplicon's miniature 24 x 48mm L-35 panel meter accepts all the most popular
process inputs and is powered from an isolated 10-30V DC power supply unit.
Both span and offset are adjustable. Ideal for those applications where
space is an issue, the 7 segment, red LED display itself is a bright 10mm
high ensuring easy reading from long distances. 

The MAG-35 series are 3.5 digit modular panel meters, which accept all
common inputs and also come with the option for having dual set points,
analogue output or serial data retransmission. They can be powered from the
mains or from an isolated DC power supply. A highly versatile range, the
modular architecture ensures compatibility with a wide choice of signal
inputs at competitive prices. The wide range of inputs that the devices can
accept makes them ideal for OEM control panel builders or large system users
who require a standard look. Designed in the typical 1/8 DIN size makes the
devices ideal for replacing or upgrading existing systems.

The BDF series of large displays can offer either 50mm or 100mm high LED
displays, with the 100mm providing a viewing distance of up to 60m, ideal
for manufacturing process applications where reading displays from a long
distance is a distinct advantage. Being of a modular architecture provides
the flexibility to accept most process inputs, however they are mainly used
in temperature, process, totalisation, rate, frequency, remote serial data
display applications or even as digital clocks! Housed in rugged black
anodised aluminium cases makes them ideal for industrial environments. 

All panel meters are easily configured to customer specific requirements,
and are very competitively priced. Amplicon Liveline has been a provider of
Panel Meters for the past 27 years, and has a thorough understanding of
customers' needs. The company uses this expertise to select new panel meters
when adding the already wide range on offer. Pre and post sales support for
the panel meters is also supplied by the company.

For more information, please contact:-

September 2000

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