Introducing our Inductive and Capacitive Sensors Line.
Electronic Angle and G-Force Sensors

Assemtech (part of the Comus Group) has extended its Electronic Sensor Line with integrated MEMS based sensors.

These sensors are able to sense angles, acceleration levels and G-forces in multiple axes. The angle or G-force level can be set to a fixed value, but it is also possible to provide sensors which can be user programmable (by RS232,….), adjustable (by trimming) or teachable (by setting the switching points). This makes these sensors extremely flexible to use. Typical applications include tilt control, rollover detection, impact and movement detection, levelling and positioning control.

Application markets are very broad: from alarm control to industrial and medical equipment, automotive etc. The ranges of these sensors are extremely extended, AC and DC input, NPN, PNP or analog outputs, contact output, with a broad range of voltage and current specifications and angle and G-force values available. These sensors can easily be customised for specific applications.

For more information, please contact :-

AssemTECh Europe Ltd.

August 2008

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