High Insulation Dry Reed Relays.

Assemtech Europe Ltd (part of the Comus Group) has extended its reed relay line with the MDAS series of dry reed relay types.

These relays are specifically designed for some ATE markets, measurement equipment and test and control systems. The MDAS relays offer a high insulation resistance of ohms and have an internal electrostatic shield. Up to now this has been exclusively the area where mercury wetted relays are used, providing high contact performance, high isolation voltages and long life.

In certain fields where the high contact ratings are not really required but where you need a high insulation, these mercury-free, dry reed relays become highly interesting. For more information you can check the datasheet on our website. We can offer dry reed relays as well as mercury wetted relays, covering a broad range of possible application areas such as cable testers, test equipment, industrial control instrumentation and many others.

For more information, please contact :-

AssemTECh Europe Ltd.

August 2008

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