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*  Data Acquisition / Logging Module
*  Rugged & Compact
*  Self-Contained
*  Modified & Custom Designs

The Astech ARM is a self-contained unit which records transducer
or  sensor data and is small enough to install at the actual measurement 
location. Analogue signals connected to it are stored in memory at 
selectable sample rates which can range from 10,000 per second
to one every 30 minutes, making the ARM suitable for dynamic or
slowly changing data - or a combination of both since fast and slow
channel sample rates can be mixed. A memory capacity of 262,000
measurements (524,000 with the non-IR version) provide a useful
recording time period, even at fast sample rates.

A high speed bi-directional infra-red link is used for communication 
between the ARM and laptop/PC, eliminating cabling and the need
to make any physical connection. Valid operation of the link is
indicated by LEDs on the infra-red transceiver interface unit and the

Alternatively a direct RS232 connection is available.

The infra-red communications link provides important advantages and 

* Cable-free input of setup data and downloading of stored 
measurements - especially useful when the ARM is installed at 
inaccessible locations.

* Up to 2 Metre isolation enables measurements from high-voltage 
and other hazardous areas.

* Remote start/stop of recording and resetting using handheld 
transceiver unit.

* Measurements can be transmitted through sealed glass
enclosures and fluids.

An important feature of the ARM is the ability to survive and function 
under hostile operating conditions. Suitability for a wide range of 
measurement environments is ensured by providing a choice of two
types of housing - a lightweight ABS enclosure or an IP67 sealable
diecast enclosure.

A recent application was a custom design ARM for the measurement
of strain and temperature on a conveyor belt whilst passing through a 
refrigerated section at -60°C. Internal heaters ensure that the battery 
is maintained within its working temperature range.

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Astech Electronics Ltd.					

August 2005
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