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New datasheet on Telemetry Systems.

Astech Electronics have released a data sheet which
highlights their rotary telemetry systems for the collection
of strain and temperature data from gas turbines and
high speed rotating machines.

Featured items include a single channel strain transmitter through
to multi-channel strain and temperature systems. The transmitters
can cope with temperatures of up to 140 °C and rotational speeds
of 50,000 rpm.

Other vital parts of the link are also detailed, these are the 
demodulator/decoding equipment and power/data transfer

The nature of this business means that custom systems become
the norm and this ties in with Astech Electronics' strong in-house
analogue, digital, RF and mechanical design facilities.

The data sheet is available in pdf or Microsoft® Word format.

For further information, please contact:-

Astech Electronics Ltd.					

October 2005
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