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Smart A/D Data Acquisition Cards. Audon Electronics is now offering the unique Smart A/D range of data acquisition boards from Sensoray Inc, capable of accepting virtually any real world sensor directly. The boards have either 8 or 16 differential input channels, each channel being software programmable for sensor type, gain, low-pass filtering, and scan rate. The Smart A/D range feature auto-calibration which eliminates trimpots, low power consumption, and they support thermocouples, RTD's, strain gauges, voltage , 4-20mA, thermistors, and resistors. Each channel is amplified, digitized, filtered, converted to engineering units, and stored in on-board memory. The on-board 16-bit A-D converter is an integrating type, optimised to reduce mains borne interference. The Smart A/D range is available in ISA, PCI, compact PCI, PC104 and Ethernet formats at prices similar to boards with far less features. Each board is supplied with a software development kit and and a DLL for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. A ready-to-go data acquisition program, QuickSense, is available as an option which can support up to eight boards giving a total channel count of 256 channels. Audon Electronics can also supply full data logger systems comprising a PC, Smart A/D hardware, QuickSense software and screw termination, fully tested and configured ready to use out of the box. _______________________________________________________ December 2001
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