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New USB Data Acquisition and Control Device smashes price/performance ratio Now available in the UK from Audon Electronics is the LabJack U12 USB data acquisition and control unit. The Labjack features 8 single ended or 4 differential analogue inputs, 2 analogue outputs, 20 digital I/O including a 32 bit counter and watchdog timer. This is all crammed into a sturdy unit measuring only 150mm x 110mm x 35mm. The LabJack has a ±10V input range at 12-bit resolution. Differential channels can make use of the low noise precision amplifier with gains of 1,2,4,8,16,20, giving an effective resolution of greater than 16-bits. Data can be streamed to disk at 1kHz and a bursts mode allows over 4000 samples to de taken at a 8kHz rate. The two 0-10V analogue output channels can be updated at a 50Hz rate with 10-bit resolution. All analogue I/O are accessed via screw terminals. The LabJack has 20 digital I/O channels which can be individually configured as input or output. Four digital I/O's are accessed via screw terminals whilst the remaining 16 are accessed through a 25-way D connector; an optional relay/opto-isolator expansion board is available.There is also one 32-bit counter available on the LabJack U12, capable of counting frequencies up to 1 MHz. The LabJack U12 also has a watchdog timer function available which can change the states of digital I/O if the LabJack does not successfully communicate with the PC within a specified time-out period. This function could be used to reboot the PC allowing for reliable unattended operation. The use of the PC's USB port allows for a simple plug-and-play installation process and by using USB hubs, up to 80 LabJacks may be connected to a single USB port. Included with the LabJack are the free example applications LJlogger and LJscope. LJlogger provides datalogger type functionality. It reads all inputs, controls all outputs, writes real time data to the Internet or hard disk, and sends email when events are triggered. LJscope is a virtual oscilloscope program with FFT display. Drivers are provided as a DLL which can be called from most programming languages. Also included are an ActiveX wrapper and LabVIEW VIs which call all the functions in the DLL. The LabJack U12 is presently available in the UK and Europe from Audon Electronics at the remarkable price of only £110 (excluding VAT and delivery). _______________________________________________________ January 2002
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