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High performance Data Acquisition with web server. Now available from Audon Electronics is the CEC WebDAQ/100 - data acquisition from your web browser. The WebDAQ/100 is a high performance 32-channel data acquisition unit with a built-in web server, so no programming is required. Just connect it, open your web browser, choose your acquisition options, data formats, etc. and collect data. Data is downloaded to your PC directly from the browser. You can even open your data directly in Excel or other programs. The WebDAQ features 32 single-ended 12-bit analogue input channels converting at 500kHz, 8 analogue outputs for sensor excitation or waveform generation and 8 digital I/O. The analogue inputs can be configured for most common sensors such as thermocouples and RTD's signal averaging can be applied to eliminate noise. Multiple scan rates and extensive triggering options come as standard. The WebDAQ can be connected to a single PC or can perform data acquisition anywhere on an existing network, whether it's in the field with a portable computer, through a factory on a local-area net, or worldwide with standard TCP/IP networking technology. The WebDAQ can even acquire data in stand-alone mode using in-built data storage memory. The WebDAQ features user configurable reports that can be retrieved at pre-defined intervals. Reports can be sent automatically via email or FTP upload to a server. The WebDAQ makes it easy to display data in custom screens designed for your application. Show measurements numerically, as bar graphs or custom graphics. No programming is required, just use a web-page editing package such as Microsoft FrontPage or Adobe PageMill and upload into the WebDAQ. The WebDAQ can also be controlled from a command line interface with simple text commands. Custom programs can even be written in C, VB Java etc and downloaded. _______________________________________________________ February 2002
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