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ID-2000 Data Analysis Software now available. ID-2000 is a powerful Windows based analysis software package available in the UK from Audon Electronics. Unlike spreadsheets such as MS Excel, ID-2000 is designed specifically to help you analyse data generated from data acquisition systems. The differences will be immediately obvious, such as the ease at which data can be plotted and the simplistic, user-friendly Windows interface. Many software packages are not designed to handle large data files that can be produced by today's data acquisition equipment. ID-2000 is designed to efficiently handle everything from small to huge data files. With file capabilities of up to 512 parameters and literally billions of data points, ID-2000 is ready for your biggest analysis tasks. ID-2000 provides multiple plot types such as Strip-Chart, Multi-Plot, X-Y, or X-Y-Y. Up to 8 different parameters may be displayed on a single plot for data trending. Even the smallest detail in your data cannot hide from ID-2000. With the infinite zoom feature you can repeatedly zoom in closer and closer to analyse what is really happening in your data. Amplitude and power spectrum FFT plots may be created with multiple FFT sizes and data windowing. Histograms are available for plotted parameters with user selectable bin sizes or number of bins ID-2000 has built-in support for importing data files using standard formats such as ASCII text, CSV, and DADiSP that are used by literally thousands of data acquisition manufacturers. ID-2000 also includes imports for proprietary data files produced from a wide variety of data acquisition equipment such as Campbell Scientific, Yokogawa Industrial, Nicolet Instruments, ACRA Controls, and others. New import/export support is frequently added and easy to install in ID-2000. _______________________________________________________ March 2002
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