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Economical 8-channel Handheld Datalogger has LCD Graphics display. The DAQPRO is a portable, battery operated data acquisition and logging system offering a 16 bit, high-resolution 8-Channel data logger. The DAQPRO features a powerful graphical display and built-in analysis functions for measuring voltage, current and temperature. The DAQPRO is designed to provide a professional, compact, stand-alone low cost data logging system for a wide variety of applications. The DAQPRO has many features usually only found in much more expensive products, such as 16-bit conversion resolution, a large 512k memory, a fast sample rate of up to 10,000 samples per second and a large graphics LCD display showing collected data as measured values, graphs or tables. Up to 100 individual logging sessions can be stored. Logged data can be downloaded to a PC either via RS232 or the USB port and analysed with the powerful DAQLab software. The DAQPRO can also communicate with a HP82240B portable printer directly via an infrared printer port. There are two DAQPRO models, one for voltages and 4-20mA inputs and the other for type K and J thermocouples, PT100 thermometers and thermistors. Both models can display data in meaningful engineering units. The DAQPRO measures only 182mm x 100mm x 28mm and so is truly portable. The in-built Ni-Cad rechargeable battery provides enough power for many hours continuous use. Optional accessories include a rubber boot for protection, a weather proof box and external battery and solar cell for use in the field. __________________________________________________ March 2002
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