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CPS Plus software captures serial data. Now available from Audon Electronics is the CPS Plus software that captures serial data directly from any RS232 instrument or device into any Windows application. CPS Plus captures serial data, custom tailors it to your needs, then transfers the data to any Windows application - either by sending keystrokes to the application’s window or by passing the data through DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) conversations Collect data from Scales and Balances, Gauges, pH meters, Electrochemistry Meters, Laboratory Instruments, Sensors, Densitometers, GPS Receivers, Barcode Scanners, Magnetic Stripe readers, ID Tag Readers, Temperature Controllers etc... any RS232 instrument or device. Data can be automatically transferred directly into EXCEL, ACCESS, LIMS, MMIs, Statistical and Maths software, VB, etc... any Windows application program in real time. The CP Plus software supports up to 8 separate serial ports and can even read from multiple serial ports simultaneously. Create charts and graphs in your applications that automatically update with data from your serial devices / instruments with automatic date and time stamping. CPS Plus features simple but comprehensive data formatting functions, fully configurable data filters to get data you want from the input strings and it has the ability to send any formatting ASCII character (s) to the serial device. This is all achieved without programming. CPS Plus can run in the background, so you don't even know that it's there and can be set to capture data on demand or at regular timed intervals. _________________________________________________ June 2002
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