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SensorBlock for monitoring sensors using a web-browser. Now available from Audon Electronics is the Ethernet based SensorBlock, a simple, inexpensive way to monitor a wide range of sensors using your web-browser over an Intranet or the internet. Each SensorBlock has an embedded temperature sensor and supports four 4-20mA, 0-5V signals, or dry contact input signals—expandable to eight. Moreover, using off-the-shelf transmitters, other types of sensors such as RTDs or thermocouples can be connected to the SensorBlock as well. The SensorBlock reports "real world" values from the sensors via a conversion function which you specify using the included SensorBlock Configuration Utility. Supported conversion functions include straight line, quadratic, log, and exponential in addition to the standard thermocouple types (B, C, E, J, K, N, R, S, T). The SensorBlock comes with a small, built-in webserver which delivers web pages on request for reporting sensor readings in a digital, speedometer, thermometer, or strip chart display. Power users can develop and download their own web pages to the SensorBlock.
Also available free with the SensorBlock is the WebLogger software, a Windows application that automatically detects SensorBlocks on your network and logs sensor readings into comma-delimited files. These files can be used for later reporting and analysis in tools like Microsoft Excel™ and Access. Weblogger also features real-time graphical chart-style display of SensorBlock data, user-defined logging intervals from sub-second to days and a user-friendly configuration Wizard which walks you through the setup and logging process in a matter of minutes. The SensorBlock supports Modbus TCP, a popular industrial automation fieldbus standard. The values for all sensors connected to a SensorBlock can be accessed through standard Modbus TCP read commands. Sensorblock Modbus TCP support means that the SensorBlock can be accessed through a wide variety of 3rd party packages such as LabVIEW, VEE, Wonderware InTouch™ and Advantech Studio™ The 114mm x 99mm x 22.5mm SensorBlock simply snaps onto a standard DIN rail, and can accept a wide power supply range of +5V or 8-30V DC. The SensorBlock is connected to your network by a standard RJ45 LAN connector, whilst sensor and power supply connections are via screw terminals. Typical applications include Industrial process monitoring, laboratory testing, tank level monitoring and computer/networking server room monitoring. __________________________________________________ June 2003
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