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Panel mounting 6" LCD Colour Chart Recorder. The VR18 is a panel mounted 6" LCD colour chart recorder with alarms, maths functions and MODBUS based serial communications. Up to 6 I/O cards can be fitted in the rear of the unit consisting of isolated analogue input, digital input and relay output. Virtually any sensor can be connected to the analogue inputs including thermocouples, PRT, mV, V, 4-20mA etc. The VR18 stores data to a 16M Compact Flash memory card (supplied with the VR18) at pre-set rates - 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, 60 or 120 seconds. Other sizes of CF memory card can be fitted up to 128M. The VR18 can also display channel data in real time in various formats on up to 6 different pages. This can be scrolling charts, bar charts, numeric display, or a combination of all in "Mixed mode". Recorded data can also be recalled and displayed in "History" mode. Each analogue input can be programmed with 2 sets of high/low/deviation alarms, and 2 separate events can be instigated on alarm. This could be setting a relay output or generating a report. The VR18 also supports virtual channels, whereby a channel can be derived from several others using a maths function. The digital inputs can also generate alarms or events. Alarms can be display and acknowledged on the alarm List page. The VR18 also has up to 6 counter/timer/totalise functions. Timer/counter functions can be used to generate reports at specific times on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The totaliser is useful for compiling data for inclusion into reports. The VR18 comes with an Ethernet port as standard and can be fitted with an RS232/485 port as an optional extra. The VR18 supports MODBUS RTU, and can easily integrate with any existing SCADA package. The VR18 also comes with the Observer software package which allows configuration, monitoring and data downloading. __________________________________________________ November 2003
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