Audon Electronics - PRODUCT NEWS
Battery operated Data Logger with LCD display. Now available form Audon Electronics is the DAQPRO battery operated stand-alone data logger with a built-in LCD display. The DAQPRO features powerful graphical display and analysis functions for measuring voltage, current and temperature. The DAQPRO is designed to provide a professional, compact, stand-alone low cost data logging system for a wide variety of applications. With its 16-bit resolution and large 512K data memory, the DaqPRO meets the majority of data logging requirements. Its unique ability to display measured values and analyse them in real-time on a graphical interface minimizes the need to download collected data to a computer for further analysis. The DAQPro is easy to use too, with a icon based menu structure accessed through 4 buttons. The DaqPRO includes eight differential input channels for measuring voltage, current and temperature. Selectable ranges for each input are 0-20mA, 0-50mV, 0-10V, a large variety of NTC, PT-100 and thermocouple temperature sensors including internal temperature, pulse counter (Input 1 only) and up to 20 user defined sensors. Alarms can also be configured for each channel, and an external event such as an alarm or warning light can be activated in an alarm condition. The DaqPRO also comes with the powerful DaqLab software. When the DaqPRO is connected to a PC through a USB interface live displays can be viewed at rates of up to 100/s, and automatic downloads can be carried out at higher rates. The Windows based software can display the data in graphs, tables or meters, can analyse data with various mathematical tools, or export data to a spreadsheet. DaqLab also enables you to setup DaqPRO and to send advanced commands such as alarm settings, triggering conditions and text notes. __________________________________________________ April 2004
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