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Low-cost Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition package. Available form Audon Electronics is the recently released DAQFactory 5 low-cost Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition package which now boasts even more functionality including PID loops, Alarms and MODBUS support. DAQFactory provides all the tools needed to acquire data from your process, log it, share it on a network, display it on the screen, graph it, analyse it, and automate your project. All of this can be done quickly without programming, letting you concentrate on your keeping your processes running or acquiring data. With Release 5, DAQFactory now offers new on-screen components, Alarm capability and PID loop control, new scripting sequences and a connectivity pack that allows DAQFactory to talk with a wide range of additional MODBUS devices and PLC's.
Data channels are simple to configure and the channel setup page includes a graph and table of the data and allows you to set outputs without creating any screens; this is useful for quickly testing your hardware. The channel view also has room for any notes you may want to keep about a channel. Once you have created some channels, you can save your data to disk in both ASCII and binary files formats, or to an ODBC compliant database. DAQFactory provides a significant amount of data processing and analysis tools to convert your data into something useful. Since DAQFactory integrates the data analysis with the data acquisition and data display, you can perform your data analysis on your data as you are taking it. DAQFactory allows you to design an unlimited number of user screens to display your data and control your system in just the way you want. Unlike most other data acquisition software packages, the applications you develop in DAQFactory do not require compilation. You can design your screens, add control loops, tweak logging, or edit your channels while you are taking data. There is no need to stop your process and recompile. There are 40 screen components that you can use to display your data in various formats, such as charts, bar graphs, meters etc. If you are looking to create interactive diagrams of your process, DAQFactory includes a 3800 industrial image library of everything from pumps and motors, to buildings and cars, to standard symbols. All these images can be animated, rotated, have their colour changed, or move around the screen to best depict the state of your system. DAQFactory includes a built-in web-server, so your user screens can be viewed and modified by any network connected PC through a web browser.
For maximum flexibility DAQFactory also includes a complete multitasking scripting language called Sequences. Sequences are basically a data acquisition programming language, allowing you to interact programmatically with most of DAQFactory tools. Sequences can be used for all sorts of tasks. They can be as simple as setting a few output values to a preset state, to complex control loops. DAQFactory Release 5 now includes PID control loops. You can create as many PID loops as you need and eliminate the need for expensive hardware controllers. Like most of the DAQFactory tools, setting up a PID loop is as simple as filling in a few values in a dialogue box with the desired parameters. If you need help determining the P, I and D parameters, DAQFactory can autotune them for you too! DAQFactory Alarms allows you to watch for different events that may occur within your system and flag them. Unlike other SCADA software which only allows you to monitor for a single parameter going above or below one or two threshold points, DAQFactory allows you to create an alarm that watches for multiple conditions to occur. DAQFactory can for example alarm when the temperature gets above 300°C AND the pressure is above 100psi. When an alarm does occur, the alarm is logged to disk and displayed in a table. The alarm remains displayed in the table until you acknowledge that you have seen the alarm. You can also have DAQFactory play a sound, email you, or perform any automated task when the alarm event occurs. DAQFactory has drivers for many well know data acquisition and control hardware in addition to Audon's own range of USB and PCI hardware. There is also a generic serial device driver and DAQFactory supports DDE and OPC so it can communicate with virtually any piece of hardware. New drivers can be added upon request free of charge. Also, new to Release 5, is a MODBUS connectivity pack which allows DAQFactory to communicate with any MODBUS device such as PLC's RTU's and temperature controllers. Pricing is very competitive with four DAQFactory versions for every budget. The feature-limited "Lite" version with 32 I/O is only £119 while the full version is only £499. __________________________________________________ June 2004
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