Audon Electronics - PRODUCT NEWS
LogBox, a small rugged 2-channel Data Logger. Now available from Audon Electronics is the LogBox, a small rugged 2-channel stand alone datalogger. This logger has up to 2 universal analogue input channels which can accept mV, 4-20mA, most thermocouple types and Platinum Resistance Thermometers. The LogBox accurately records the input channels with 12-bit resolution and stores them in non-volatile memory. Over 8000 readings can be stored per channel. Log rates can be set from 0.5 seconds to 30 days. The logger is completely self-contained, and the internal battery can last for typically over 1000 days. The logger is housed in a small rugged IP65 plastic enclosure with signal cable entry via a side mounted cable gland. An IP68 rated version can be supplied to special order. The LogBox is configured and logged data is retrieved using the LogChart software and an RS232 based Infrared wand. This IR wand communicates with LogBox through a transparent window so that there is no need to open the LogBox lid. The IR Wand simply connects to a free RS232 port and is pointed at the LogBox IR window. No external power supply is needed. The LogChart software is used to configure the inputs channels for sensor type, channel name, engineering units and log rate. A logging session title can also be input to uniquely identify the data. Not only can the LogBox record instantaneous input values, but the maximum, minimum or average readings over the last specified number of samples can be recorded instead. Logging can be started immediately, or on a specified time on a specific day. The LogBox can be programmed to stop logging when the memory is full, on a specific time and day, after a set number of recordings or data can be set to wrap round and over-write the oldest data. The LogChart software can also download the logged data and display it in tabular and graphical formats. Data can be saved to a Spreadsheet compatible ASCII file for analysis. __________________________________________________ June 2004
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