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New DAQPlot Data Acquisition Software. Apple Mac users can now benefit from an affordable data acquisition solution in the form of the new DAQPlot software and the popular USB-based LabJack U12. Windows users have taken advantage of the low-cost LabJack U12 for some time, with its simple USB plug-and-play connection, its 8 analogue inputs, 2 analogue outputs and it's 20 digital I/O. DAQPlot software, now available from Audon Electronics, brings this capability to apple Mac users. DAQPlot offers data logging, chart recorder displays, and conditional control outputs. And supplied free with DAQPlot is VVidget software, the premier graphing, charting and presentation software for the Mac. DAQ Plot is a simple to use strip chart application which plots electrical signals and controls devices in real-time via digital output channels and built-in feedback control loops using the USB Based LabJack U12. Voltage is displayed numerically and in a real-time strip chart fashion. Up to four LabJack U12's can be connected giving a 16 analogue input capability. With DAQ Plot you can control other hardware such as valves and switches using the digital outputs. It also has built-in feedback loops so you can control processes based on input values. The effect of the feedback and control switch settings are immediately viewed on the real-time strip chart so you can monitor and assure your process as it happens. You can hook up nearly any sensor that has an output voltage range from around 100 millivolts to 10 volts. Amplifiers and signal conditioners permit plotting from strain gages, thermocouples or any other sensor. Each input channel can be mapped with a lookup table, so non-linear devices such as thermocouples can be used without lineralization circuitry. The detailed online manual includes basic experiments, information on ordering different sensors and describes fundamental electrical concepts. Because of its ease of use and versatility it is perfect for the inquisitive mind, from secondary school science experiments to research laboratory settings. Seconds to months worth of data can be displayed at one time. Each curve can be assigned a different colour and the curves can be adjusted in width. Curves can be plotted on one or two y-axis graphs and can be turned on or off. Parameters can be change dynamically, including sample resolution, scroll back, autoscaling and gain settings. Data sampling is continuous and can be turned on and off as needed. Voltage time series can be saved, retrieved and appended, exported to spreadsheet applications or other applications and exported to Vvidget, the full-featured graph layout application for publication quality results. For advanced users, DAQPlot includes a simple command line tool to automate DAQ Plot functions. Embed into start-up scripts, other applications, web services, and other services. The comprehensive documentation gives examples and explains each step. Use DAQ Plot's intuitive interface to set-up the command line options. Included free with DAQPlot is the VVidget graphing and presentation software. Vvidget features Wizards with point-and-click graph building tools that enable you to fine tune, add graphics, build-up specialized graphs and layout entire pages with multiple figures. Includes drawing widgets, tools, premade palette graphics, document layout features for creating and editing graphs and data-oriented and general graphics. __________________________________________________ November 2004
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