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Audon Electronics is now offering a low-cost solution to web based analogue and digital control in the form of the NET-IOM. NET-IOM is a stand-alone network aware Input / Output module which can be controlled over most networks including the Internet. It can be accessed from the Internet over a standard ADSL or other always-on connection making remote monitoring and control a cost effective option. It has 16 digital and 4 analogue inputs, 16 digital outputs and an RS232 serial port, all of which can be accessed from a standard web browser. Web pages are served from its 32K bytes of on board non-volatile memory. Graphic and sound files can be served as well as static and dynamic HTML pages. Web pages may be password protected and can be fully customized. NET-IOM can work as a totally independent web server or as part of a larger web site. As well as serving web pages, NET-IOM can be used to connect to remote servers. Connections can be established on demand in response to specified events or on a regular timed basis. Once connected, the server can have complete control over NET-IOM ’s operation. E-mails can be generated in response to specified events such as alarms. The message and the subject may be customized and may contain the current status of all the inputs and outputs. A watchdog mode is available which allows NET-IOM to monitor network connections and operate outputs when failure is detected. Special interface software is included which can be used to configure NET-IOM and download web pages via a PCs serial port. On the opening page there are controls for loading and sending data and a logging area which will show a log of activity as well as any problems encountered. Sections are provided which cover server and general parameters, e-mail options, client connections and web page selection and downloading. The NET-IOM is supplied with sample web-pages already uploaded into it's memory which allow the user to read analogue input values, set and read the digital I/O and send data over the RS232 port, all from within a web browser. The NET-IOM is supplied as a compact circuit board measuring only 110mm x 110mm. There are standard RJ45 and RS232 connectors and the I/O are accessed either via header connectors or screw terminals. A 8-channel relay board is also available which connects to the NET-IOM digital outputs. Applications include server room monitoring, weather station monitoring, building monitoring and remote data acquisition and control. __________________________________________________ March 2005
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