Audon Electronics - PRODUCT NEWS

Now available from Audon Electronics is the DLP-TH1, a USB-based temperature and humidity sensor. The DLP-TH1 sensor is supplied with free Windows software that displays temperature, humidity, and dew-point data in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales, plots data graphically to the screen, and logs to an Excel compatible data file on the hard drive. The software will also send an email to user-specified recipients if the temperature or humidity exceeds specified alarm setpoints. The DLP-TH1 sensor uses a fully calibrated capacitive polymer sensing element for relative humidity with a 0-100% range and a bandgap temperature sensor providing excellent long-term stability with a -40° to + 120°C range. Calibration coefficients for the sensors are permanently stored in digital memory within the DLP-TH1 module so that the module is fully interchangeable with any other DLP-TH1 module. The DLP-TH1 is shipped with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP compatible software and USB drivers and there is also an ActiveX and LabVIEW VI's. No external power source is required as all power is taken from the USB port via the provided 2M USB cable. Up to 20 DLP-TH1 sensors can be connected to a single PC through USB hubs. Typical applications include monitoring temperature and humidity in Server/Host rooms, hydroponics labs and greenhouses and museum display cabinets. __________________________________________________ April 2005
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