Audon Electronics - PRODUCT NEWS
New USB Data Acquisition devices deliver multifunction capabilities. Audon Electronics has introduced the usbDAQ/108 and usbDAQ/109, two USB data acquisition (DAQ) devices delivering multifunction capabilities with simplicity and low cost. Whether your data acquisition application is industrial, academic, or for interest, now you can bring it anywhere with the convenience of USB. These compact devices encase powerful features such as overvoltage protection on analogue lines, voltage source to power sensors and external devices, and board design which increases accuracy and reduces noise. Powered by the USB bus and outfitted with screw terminals for direct signal connectivity, these devices are built for portability, efficiency, and flexibility. The usbDAQ/108 and usbDAQ/109 feature eight channels of analogue input with 12-bit resolution at up to 10kS/s or 14-bit resolution at up to 48kS/s, two 12-bit analogue outputs, 12 digital I/O lines, and a 32-bit counter. In addition to the QuickView ready-to-use data logging application, both devices are shipped with a driver supporting TestPoint, LabVIEW, or C programming. With the smart hardware design, a free application, and powerful driver, the data acquisition system is ready for measurement within minutes out of the box. __________________________________________________ November 2005
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