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CUSB DAQ Unit Has Flexible I/O.

Available from Audon Electronics is the LabJack U3 low-cost USB multifunction data acquisition and control device. The U3 has 16 "flexible" inputs which can be configured for any mix and analogue, digital input or digital output making for a very versatile general purpose DAQ unit. The U3 is supplied with a wide range of FREE Data logging software and examples for use with most programming and DAQ packages.

The LabJack U3 can have up to 16 analogue inputs available on the flexible I/O lines. Single-ended measurements can be taken of any line compared to ground, or differential measurements can be taken of any line to any other line. Analogue input resolution is 12-bits with an input range of 0-2.4 volts. Optional signal conditioning adaptors are available that can condition the inputs to 0-5V, 0-10V or 4-20mA.

The LabJack U3 can have up to 20 digital I/O channels. 16 are available from the flexible I/O lines, and 4 are dedicated digital I/O. Each digital line can be individually configured as input, output-high, or output-low. The digital I/O use 3.3 volt logic and are 5 volt tolerant. Up to 2 flexible I/O lines can be configured as timers. The timers are very flexible, providing options such as Pulse Width Modulated output, pulse timing, pulse counting, and quadrature input from encoders. Up to 2 flexible I/O lines can be configured as 32-bit counters.
The LabJack U3 also has 1 or 2 dedicated analogue outputs which can be set to provide an output voltage between 0 and 5 volts with 8-bits of resolution.

The LabJack U3 is supplied with a range of free software. The LabJack Control Panel application handles configuration and testing of the U3. When first opened it searches for connected LabJacks and displays a panel whereby all the I/O types can be configured. The application also displays analogue/digital inputs and has boxes to set analogue/digital outputs. The U3 has field upgradeable flash memory. The self-upgrade application programs the latest firmware into the processor. FREE firmware upgrade will be available from time to time bringing improved performance and new features.

The U3 is also supplied with a copy of DAQFactory Express data acquisition and control, software. DAQFactory Express offers data logging, user designable screens with trending, automation capabilities and more. The U3 is also supported by the RealView Chart recorder software and the ProfiLab-Express programming package.

For programmers, the U3 is supplied with Visual C and Visual Basic modules for the LabJackUD driver, and simple example projects. A LabVIEW VI is also supplied.

The U3 is rugged and is designed for industrial use: the operating temperature range is -40°C to + 85°C and all I/O are overload and short-circuit protected. The ABS enclosure has screw mounting attachments and optional DIN rail mounting clips.

Available ex-stock from Audon Electronics for £69

September 2006

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