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Low cost solution to remote control and
monitoring via moblie phone.

The Audon Electronics GSM-8000 is a low cost solution to Remote
Control and Monitoring via your mobile phone.

The GSM-8000 can monitor 8 analogue and 8 digital switch inputs. A SMS
alarm message can be sent when inputs exceed preset limits. The user can
also interrogate the inputs through SMS messaging. The GSM-8000 also
has 8 relay outputs which can be activated via SMS and used to switch lamps,
pumps, heaters etc. The GSM-8000 is complete with an LCD display for local
status display, keypad and built-in Dual Band Modem.

The GSM-8000 has 8 x 12-bit 4-20mA analogue inputs, compatible with industry
standard sensor transmitters. The input signals can be converted into meaningful engineering units such as °C or RPM and displayed on the LCD screen. Each
analogue input can be assigned a high alarm setpoint and a low alarm setpoint.
Alarm activation notification is sent via SMS messaging to up to two different
mobile phone numbers. The user can also interrogate the analogue input readings
at any time by SMS messaging.

The GSM-8000 has 8 digital inputs which can also be used to trigger a SMS
alarm message when a contact is made. Again, input status can be read
through SMS messaging.

The GSM-8000 also has 8 mains-rated relays which can used for remote control purposes. The relays can be activated and their status checked all via SMS

Typical applications areas include Industrial process plant, security and building management systems, traffic/transport systems, freezer/furnace monitoring and water/gas/electricity plant monitoring and control.

September 2006

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