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Analogue and Digital multifunction I/O bluetooth interface .

The MFC-4422 is a Analogue and Digital multifunction I/O bluetooth interface for professional wireless control applications in data acquisition, automation and facility management applications. The Board has 2 Analogue inputs, 2 analogue outputs, 2 relays, 2 TTL outputs and 2 opto-isolated and 2 TTL inputs. Suitable for integration in machinery and office equipment. Supplied with FREE Windows and PDA Software chart display and datalogging and programming examples

The MFC-4422 has a rich mix of inputs and outputs; 2 analogue inputs suitable for measuring real world parameters such as temperature or pressure etc. 2 digital inputs, 2 digital/relay outputs and 2 analogue outputs. The 2 opto-isolated digital inputs can be used as counter inputs. Counter-states or frequency can be read out wirelessly, which makes it most suitable for metering applications like electricity, gas, water meters. Digital outputs comprise 2 Relays and 2 TTL outputs. Digital Outputs can be switched remotely. A time off delay may be set to switch off the outputs when connection to the board is lost. The MFC-4422-provides 2 analogue outputs. Each of those outputs are provided as both a voltage signal in the range of 0-5 VDC and as pulse-width modulated TTL (PWM) signal.

The MFC-4422 can be used as a dumb I/O device or it can be operate in stand-alone mode with 2 independent on/off or PID controllers. Each control channel comprises one analogue input and one output. For on/off control, the measured input signal is compared with threshold points to switch on or off a relay output. With PID control, the measured value is used by a PID algorithm to derive an analogue output signal. The PID parameters can be adjusted by the user. Thus the MFC-4422 can be used as a 2 channel alarm unit or used to accurately control a process.

The MFC-4422 is addressed by means of a simple ASCII instruction set, which can be employed with any common programming language. No specific bluetooth-programming knowledge is required. Messages between board and PC/PDA are exchanged in plain text. The bluetooth-connection is established over a so called virtual com-port. Programming of a virtual com port is identical to programming a standard hardware serial interface. Visual-basic examples for PC and PDA are delivered on a CD together with the board. Your PC or PDA has to have a bluetooth interface in order to be able to connect with the board.

The MFC-4422 is supplied with FREE Windows and PDA utilities - WCI-software. With the WCI-software, you are able to manage all board parameters and to read and write to the different inputs and outputs. Also includes a chart recorder style display for analogue inputs and data logging capabilities. Data is logged to a Excel compatible data file.
The MFC-4422 is also supplied with an ActiveX component and Windows and PDA VB programming examples.

March 2007

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