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USB-powered Digital Storage Oscilloscope.

The DSO-101 from Audon Electronics is an USB-powered digital storage oscilloscope with dual 20MS/s inputs and a 2MHz bandwidth that is small enough to fit in your pocket. The DSO-101 packs some powerful features including a hardware preamp, adjustable digital triggering, and 32kB memory depth on each of the two 8 bit input channels. The DSO-101 is powered by an open-source graphical user interface for Windows and Linux.

The DSO-101 is a general-purpose two-channel oscilloscope for the teaching, development and debugging of electronic circuits. Channels A and B are sampled simultaneously and stored in oscilloscope memory before being sent for display to the host computer. Consequently, they are always time aligned and triggered from the same trigger signal. The oscilloscope timebase frequency is derived from a crystal oscillator, so it can be expected to be precise and stable.

The fully functional, easy to use software supports multiple triggering modes, waveform scrolling, saving waveforms to a file, and cursor measurements. Source code is included. The user can add and modify the graphic user interface as desired.

The PC connects to the oscilloscope hardware via a USB cable so that no other power source is required. The USB interface emulates a serial port so that the oscilloscope may be accessed as a serial port device.

April 2007

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