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USB/Ethernet Data Acquisition now goes to 24-bit with the UE9-Pro.

The New LabJack UE9-PRO available from Audon Electronics has all the functions of the standard LabJack UE9 but with the addition of a high resolution 24-bit ADC. The UE9 boast 14 analogue inputs, 2 analogue outputs and 23 digital I/O. The UE9 can connect to a host PC via a USB 1.1 or 2.0 interface or it can connect to a LAN via its Ethernet 10baseT Interface.

Each analogue input can be configured individually as unipolar 0-5 volts or bipolar ±5 volts. An internal PGA provides gains of 1, 2, 4, or 8 (unipolar ranges only at this time). Analogue input resolution is user adjustable; 12-bits at max speed of 50kHz increasing up to 16-bits at slower speeds. The user can also select the 24-bit ADC for extremely high resolution, stable measurements at up to 200Hz

It is possible to connect thermocouples directly to the UE9 using the 24-bit input range. The UE9 has an internal temperature sensor, which can be used for cold junction compensation. There are two 12-bit analogue outputs offering a 0-4.096V range.

The LabJack UE9 has 23 digital I/O channels which can be individually configured as input, output-high, or output-low. 8 of these lines are called flexible digital I/O (FIO) and can be software configured as up to 6 timers and 2 counters. The timers are very flexible, providing options such as Pulse Width Modulation output for motor control, pulse timing, and quadrature input for motor applications. Up to 2 FIO can be configured as 32-bit counters.

The UE9 is supplied with a free licensed copy of the DAQFactory Express software. This software provides allows you to create your own operator screens using up to 10 built-in components such as chart displays, bar charts etc, allows datalogging and you can even create simple automated control scripts. A collection of DAQFactory applications are also provided to get you started, showing how to acquire slow and high speed data, set the digital I/O and also how to set up a PWM output channel. DAQFactory Express can be upgraded to higher versions of DAQFactory if you require addition functionality such as alarms and PID control.

Also provided are LabVIEW VI's and sample applications in Visual Basic and C.

The UE9 has been designed for both experimental and industrial use. It is rated for use over an industrial temperature range and has built-in mounting fixtures. A selection of I/O are available at screw terminals and all I/O are routed to side mounted D-type connectors; A screw terminal board is available.

April 2007

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