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Ethernet based Stand-alone device for sending alarm emails.

The Poseidon 3268 is a simple Ethernet based stand-alone device which can send an email alarm when up to 4 monitored temperature or humidity sensors exceeds their defined range. The Poseidon 3266 also has 4 contact-closure inputs which can be used to trigger alarms on state change and there are 2 relay outputs which can be used to reset servers, or switch on a fan, etc.

Temperature or combined temperature/humidity sensors can be connected via RJ11 cable using the 1-wire protocol. Sensors are simply connected in a serial chain using RJ11 cable. These can be up to 10m away from the Poseidon 3268. You can assign a name to each sensor and also define high and low alarm limits. When the parameter goes outside these limits, the Poseidon 3266 can send user defined email alarm messages and toggle the output relays.

Once the Poseidon 3268 is connected to the LAN, you can run the free UDP setup utility, which will search the LAN to find all attached devices. You can then specify your desired Network address parameters. Once this is done, you can simply access the I/O data from a web browser. There is also a flash-based version.

All sensor's values as well as alarm status information are available from XML files (temper.xml) and any application can log it from XML tags. The Poseidon 3268 also supports the Modbus/TCP protocol, so it is easy to integrate with common SCADA packages such as DAQFactory.

Typical applications include monitoring conditions in server rooms, switch-boards, cold-storage buildings, freezers and fridges and other environmental monitoring tasks.

September 2007

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