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Budget LCD Oscilloscope has advanced features.

The PDS5022S bench Digital Storage Oscilloscope has been specifically designed as an entry level instrument for educational, hobby and budget-driven applications. Although low-cost, the PDS5022S is packed with a wide range of useful functions usually only seen on higher-end DSO's, such as video trigger and auto-measurement. The large full colour LCD display makes for a clear unambiguous waveform display.

The PDS5022S is a 100MSPS dual channel 8-bit DSO with a 25MHz bandwidth, featuring a large 7.8" 640 x 480 pixel colour LCD display. The PDS5022S has easy-to-use controls and a simple and clear menu system. A compact and robust design that will not take up too much bench space.

The PDS5022S has several display modes: Normal mode operates like a standard 'scope with simple manual control of timebase, triggering, etc. XY Mode is where CH1 is displayed on the horizontal axis and CH2 is on the vertical axis. When the oscilloscope is under the sampling mode in which no trigger is found, the data appears as light spots. There is also an Auto-set mode, that allows the Oscilloscope to display and measure unknown signals automatically. This function optimizes the position, range, timebase and triggering and assures a stable display of virtually any waveform.

There is also an Average Display mode where the displayed waveform is an average of a pre-set number of waveform samples. This can eliminate noise which can otherwise obscure readings.

The PDS5022S can perform 5 types of automatic measurements, such as frequency, cycle, average value, peak-to-peak value and root mean square value. Up to 2 types of measurement results can be display simultaneously on the screen. Standard Maths functions are also included such as adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing calculation on CH1 and CH2 channel waveforms.

There are two triggering modes including Edge triggering and Video triggering. The Edge triggering is a mode by which trigger occurs at the triggering threshold value of the input signal edge. With the Edge triggering selected, the trigger happens on the rising or falling edge of the input signal. With Video triggering selected, the oscilloscope performs the NTSC, PAL or SECAM standard video signals field or line trigger.

Other Features include waveform storage where up to 4 waveforms can be saved in the HDS1022M's internal memory for comparison display or upload to a PC. Stored Data can be uploaded to a PC via RS232 or USB in bitmap or ASCII format.

The PDS5022S is supplied with carry case, scope leads, CD and manual and is available ex-stock for just £215.

September 2007

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