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New range of low-cost Modbus based remote IO units.

Available from Audon Electronics is a new range of low-cost Modbus based remote IO units which provide a simple way of integrating analogue or digital signals to supervisory SCADA systems. There are several models in the range from voltage, current, thermocouple and PT-100 inputs, voltage and current outputs and digital and relay I/O. Supplied with the IO Studio configuration software. The optional DAQ Studio software can be used to provide a data acquisition, trending and alarm management interface for the PC. Also compatible with all SCADA packages such as DAQFactory.

A new line of Modbus based IO modules for data acquisition and other applications. These IO modules offer good reliability with a low-cost solution for distributed control applications. They are compact, easy to integrate with existing Modbus networks and simple to use for the end user. Various types of IO modules are available for different kinds of requirements. All IO modules have LED indications of IO status and fault diagnostics. All IO modules have an ioslated 2 wire RS485 interface. The use of Modbus RTU protocol allows for easy integration with most SCADA software packages such as DAQFactory.

There are 4 digital I/O modules, the 16DI has 16 digital inputs which also double as 32-bit pulse counter inputs, the 16DO has 16 open collector transistor outputs, the 4RO has 4 mains capable power relays, and the 8DIO is a combination unit with 8 digital inputs and 8 transistor outputs.

The analogue I/O modules include the 8AIIS and 8VIS which accept 8 x 4-20mA or voltage inputs, the 8TCS which accepts 8 thermocouples including ,K,E,T,N,B,S,R,mV, C,D and G types, the 6RTD which accepts 6 x 3-wire RTD temperature probes and the 8AOI and 8OV which are 8 channel 4-20mA and voltage output models. There is also the DAIO combination unit with 2 analogue inputs, 1 analogue outputs, 4 digital/counter inputs, 2 transistor outputs and 2 RTD inputs.

IOStudio is a free software package supplied with the units used to configure the communication settings for IO modules on the Modbus network. Once a module is detected, it is possible to view real-time data of the module directly on the PC and it can be used for diagnostic purposes too.

Available ex-stock, prices start at only £99.

October 2007

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