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USB-AD, USB based multifunction I/O unit.

Available from Audon Electronics is the USB-AD USB based multifunction I/O unit which is so small it could be mistaken for a connector. The USB-AD has 16 analogue inputs, 1 analogue output, 4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs all enclosed in a standard 37-way D-type connector housing. Supplied with a copy of NextView4-Live software for data acquisition and control and a wide selection of Windows, MAC and Linux programming examples.

The USB-AD is a low cost USB based multifunction I/O unit with 16 x ±5V 12-bit analogue inputs, 1 x ±5V 12-bit analogue output, 4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs. Data can be acquired at up to 500Hz rate at 12-bit resolution. All I/O are presented to a 37-way D-type socket. The user can connect to this directly or optional expansion boards are available. Up to 127 units can be connected to a single PC.

Drivers are available for Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems. The USB-AD is supplied with an Active-X component and comprehensive programming examples for use with most common programming languages. There are also VI for use with LabVIEW and there is a USB-AD component icon the ProfiLab-Expert programming package.

The USB-AD is also supplied with a copy of nextView4-Live data acquisition and control software. With NextView-Live, the user can acquire and analyse data, set analogue and digital outputs and read the status of the digital inputs. The user can create their own screens, with chart displays, text, alarm panels, output sliders etc.

The USB-AD is available ex-stock for £79 (ex VAT and Delivery)


March 2008

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