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New USB DAQ unit with super-fast acquisition speed.

The TL Series is a wireless temperature and humidity logging system
based on a USB based receiver base station and up to 50 remotely located
transmitters. The TL series is suitable for a wide range of uses in both
industrial and domestic applications. Over fifty wireless sensors can be
installed and monitored by the USB base station and the included
temperature logger software enables the monitoring and analysis of all
the sensors separately.

The TL-300 is the entry level receiver whilst the TL-500 has stand alone
data logging capability with 2Meg of built-in memory. There are several
wireless sensors in the range covering indoor and outdoor temperature
and humidity. The sensor range will be expended over time, with a CO2
sensor due out next. The sensors can be located up to 40m from the
receiver and use the licence exempt 433Mhz radio band.

The easy to use Software presents the temperature measurements with time
and date graphically. The Software keeps track of the data over several
years and will log data (in the background) as long as your computer is

The logged measurements can be exported in several formats for further
processing. The package includes a screensaver that dynamically displays
the actual temperature for each sensor. An additional feature, when the
software is installed, is Messenger software that enables temperature
messages to be sent by email and to be published on a website. With an
email-to-SMS service it is therefore possible to receive information
from the temperature logger system on an SMS enabled device.

Available as starter kits which include either the TL-300 or TL-500
receiver, 2 wireless sensors, USB lead and software CD. Prices start
from £56 ex VAT and delivery.

July 2008

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