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Low cost USB based Thermocouple Data Acquisition Unit.

Available from Audon Electronics is the RedLab-TC, a new, low-cost USB based thermocouple data acquisition unit. The RedLab-TC provides eight temperature inputs, 8 bits of digital I/O, 500 V of isolation, and built-in ambient temperature sensing, for only £239. Supplied with free chart recording software, and drivers for most DAQ packages and programming languages.

The RedLab-TC has 8 fully differential 24-bit thermocouple inputs which support all of the common thermocouple types (J, K, R, S, T, N, E, B). The RedLab-TC performs all linearization and cold-junction compensation to yield a typical accuracy of better than ±0.5°C. Opto-siolation ensures wiring faults won't cause damage to your system. The 8 digital I/O can be used for simple control, alarm outputs or for monitoring contact inputs.

The RedLab-TC is supplied with TracerDAQ, a simple chart recorder and datalogger package, and is supplied with drivers for common DAQ Packages such as LabVIEW, RealView and ProfiLab-Expert.

The RedLab-TC’s combination of competitive performance, superior ease-of-use, and lowest cost make it the perfect alternative to the thermocouple-based temperature measurement products available on the market today.

September 2008

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