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High Speed Oscilloscope at Low Speed Cost.

The PDS7102 from Audon Electronics is a full-featured 100MHz two-channel bench-top oscilloscope with 8bit resolution, perfect for any Engineer’s or Technicians desk.

With a large 7.8" 640 x 480 colour LCD, the PDS7102 is small enough and light enough to carry anywhere. With a buffer size of 6K samples, PDS7102 sampling range is 500MSPS with synchronous 8-bit sampling on both channels. Sensitivity range is 5mV/div~5V/div. The USB connection makes printing stored results easy.

The PDS7102 can automatically measure and display frequency and peak-peak/ rms/mean values, and cursors can be moved to make individual readings. A built-in self-calibration facility improves measurement accuracy. Video monitoring is also possible with triggering on NTSC/PAL/SECAM line or field waveforms.

The PDS7102 can store up to 4 waveforms for comparison with live inputs. A persistence control is available too which simulates old analogue scopes, to compare slow-moving waveforms with previous scans. X-Y display allows you to see phase changes. A+B and A-B maths capability is also included.

Accessories provided with the PDS6062 include two x1/x10 passive oscilloscope probes, CD manual, PC download software, mains power cable and a USB cable.

September 2008

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