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USB DAQ Unit samples all channels simultaneously.

The RedLab-1608FS is a low cost 8 channel, 16-bit data acquisition unit featuring simultaneous sampling on all input channels. The RedLab-1608FS is ideal for applications that require higher sampling rates per channel such as transient signal analysis or simultaneous acquisition of data for phase sensitive applications.

The RedLab 1608FS offers true simultaneous sampling of up to eight channels of 16-bit single-ended analogue input. This is accomplished through the use of one A/D converter per channel. The range of each channel is independently configurable via software. Eight digital IO lines are independently selectable as input or output.

Multiple-channel continuous sampling rates up to 100 kilosamples/sec total, where the maximum sampling rate per channel is 50 kilosamples/second (2 channels can be sampled at 50 kS/s, 3 channels at 33.3 kS/s, 4 channels at 25 kS/s etc.). A burst mode is also provided that allows 4 channels to be sampled at 50 kS/s each for up to 32,768 total samples. Input ranges of ±10V, ±5V, ±2V and ±1 volt are software selectable and each channel may be set at any of the four ranges independent of other channels.

A SYNC (synchronization) control line allows you to synchronize two RedLab 1608FS modules together to acquire data synchronously from 16 analogue inputs.

A 32-bit counter is capable of counting TTL pulses. The RedLab 1608FS is powered by the +5 volt USB supply from your computer. No external power is required.

Supplied with free chart recording software, and drivers for most DAQ packages and programming languages.

September 2008

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