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VORTEX Wind Sensor

The VORTEX anemometer available from Audon Electronics is a rugged
rotating cup-style wind sensor which can handle speeds from 5 to over
125 mph.

The Vortex anemometer has a reed switch based volt-free contact
closure output, producing one pulse per rotation, with a scaling of
2.5mph per pulse per second. This simple interface allows for easy
connection to PC based data acquisition systems and stand alone dataloggers.

It comes with 8m of exterior grade cable which can be easily extended
and an aluminium mounting bracket. Available as sensor only or sensor
plus battery powered LCD display which gives readings in both mph or km/h.

The VORTEX wind sensor is great for do-it-yourself projects, marine
applications, home weather station and wind power turbine site location

Price is only £39 ex VAT


October 2008

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