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Remote control & monitoring via your mobile phone.

The TBox20 is a low cost solution to Remote Control and Monitoring via your mobile phone. The TBox20 can monitor 2 analogue and 4 digital switch inputs. A SMS alarm message can be sent when inputs exceed preset limits. The user can also interrogate the inputs through SMS messaging. The TBox20 also has 4 relay outputs which can be activated via SMS and used to switch lamps, pumps, heaters etc

The Tbox20 is an advanced yet simplified Remote Terminal Unit. Taking advantage of the reliable, widespread GSM networks and the supported GPRS service, Tbox20 becomes a remotely accessible unit from any part of the world. Using an embedded feature rich web server interface, you can configure various parameters of Tbox20. The inputs present on Tbox20 can be used for monitoring of external devices or connecting sensors (analog/digital). Alarm conditions can be configured for monitoring of these inputs. Since Tbox20 supports SMS and SMTP protocols, the device can be configured to send SMS/Email whenever alarm conditions occur. Tbox20 also gives you the freedom to control the states of the connected outputs. By sending a simple SMS you can change/get the status of the outputs.

November 2008

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