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DataNet Wireless Data Acquisition System.

The DataNet is a professional wireless data acquisition system using the Zigbee wireless protocol. Consisting of a USB base station, DataNet acquisition units, repeater units and the DataNet PC Suite logging software.

The acquisition units have 4 inputs for direct measurement of PT-100, thermocouple, voltage 4-20mA, frequency and pulse. There is also a version with the addition of built-in temperature and humidity sensors.

Data can be stored in internal memory, or streamed to a central PC running the DataNet software for recording, charting and display. Data can be displayed in tabular or chart formats or the user can display a plant mimic with data overlaid. Logged data can be exported to a spreadsheet for further analyses. The software also enables you to configure, calibrate or update the firmware of DataNet units wirelessly

December 2008

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